DOF Robotics presents new submarine simulator, Nautilus

Aug 3, 2022

Submarine Simulator Nautilus

DOF Robotics has announced the launch of Nautilus, a fun new submarine simulator with 6 degrees of freedom that takes riders on an immersive and realistic underwater experience, allowing them to discover the depths from the point of view of a submarine crew.With 12 seats, the new product has a throughput of 72 people per hour. As well as 6 DOF, it features a 270-degree screen and water effects, to make guests feel like they are truly in an underwater world.


DOF Robotics is a multi-disciplinary attraction creator that challenges the status quo by creating enriching experiences with high technology and creative storytelling.“We are proud to have numerous patented simulation rides, machines, amusement projects as well as thematic and technical designs,” says a statement from the company.“We were also the recipient of several international awards including the IAAPA Brass Ring Award for the Best New Product for our Hurricane 360 VR. Our cost-effective attractions combine smooth movements and stable synchronization with the best performance. With our vision, “Engineering Emotions”, we exist to design technologically enriched experiences that trigger an unstoppable chain of emotions in digital life.”