DOF Robotics presents healthcare solutions to combat COVID-19

Feb 13, 2021

healthcare solutions

DOF Robotics is pleased to announce that it is producing autonomous disinfection
robots and smart disinfection cabins, in support of those healthcare workers on the front line working to combat the virus.

Robocare intensive disinfection robots


The company has extensive knowledge and experience in the world of AGVs and it is now putting that to use to create an autonomous disinfection robot. This is designed to be used in hospitals and hotels, as well as a large range of other public spaces. The robots use UV-C LED which is six times stronger than fluorescent UV lamps.

The disinfection robot can work for eight hours on just a single charge, plus it is able to navigate back to its charging station when its battery levels are low. It uses cutting-edge mapping technology to clean a space without colliding with obstacles. DOF Robotic has also designed a manual version which cleaning staff can operate with a tablet, up to 1km away.

“There has been a sharp interest in disinfection solutions and the demand is much higher than the supply, so we decided to exploit our experience with AGVs to start producing our own smart and unique disinfection solutions with affordable prices to help tackle the pandemic,” says Bakit Baydaliev, CEO.

Disinfection cabins

DOF has also been working on fully automatic, environmentally-friendly disinfection cabins. These spray steriliser liquid as people pass through, disinfecting their clothes. To achieve full disinfection, the cabins use motion sensors, spray nozzles, and a hand sanitizer station. A drainage tank also keeps the cabin dry and clean.

These smart cabins are available in three different models. The silver model has all the essential disinfection requirements, for instance, height sensors and spray nozzles. These can also be adjusted to protect users’ faces from the spray and sensors are able to detect the user’s height, meaning that the spray is only directed at clothing. This feature can be activated or deactivated.

The gold and platinum models have extra features, for example, a thermal camera to detect possible fevers and face recognition that can prevent people from entering without a face mask.





Extra safety features


“The cabin is equipped with a sliding door. When the person is detected without a mask or with high temperature the door closes automatically preventing the person from using the cabin for safety measures,” says Mirsat Satis, head of marketing and sales.

“Moreover, the platinum cabin can be connected to governmental applications and this unique feature is important to prevent the spread of the virus by notifying the concerned entities if a person shows symptoms and needs to be checked and quarantined if necessary.”

“Our solutions are the best on the market,” adds Baydaliev. “We have included smart features in our robot and cabins to resolve the common problems faced with the disinfection solutions, especially the cabins. One of these features is the thermal detection that goes far to support the governments to stop the spread. We have also developed an Ozone and heat-based disinfection cabins which are much healthier.

“We strongly believe that our solutions are in a strong position to potentially help slow the spread of coronavirus and make life easier, and we are proud that our clients are already placing orders. we also took this opportunity to launch our new websites for our healthcare solutions and AGV solutions.”

DOF Robotics has also been creating face shields for free, in order to protect healthcare workers in Istanbul.