5 Simple Rules Make Virtual Reality Safety - Know More

May 23, 2022

5 Simple Rules Make Virtual Reality Safety - Know More

Virtual Reality devices and entertainment environments become more and more popular and advanced day by day. Although they are mostly safe devices and environments, there are always risks that a user or VR service provider can face during the usage of VR devices or environments. For this reason, DOF Robotics will inform the users and VR simulator owners about 5 simple rules that help make Virtual Reality safer. We will explain these 5 rules in detail, and inform you further about what DOF Robotics does in order to make its simulator rides safer in the future.


Create An Isolated Environment


Isolation means safety when it comes to VR simulators. It is very important to isolate the VR simulator environment in an entertainment venue and make sure that no people or animals can stray into the simulation environment while the simulator is working. The best way to do this is to dedicate an indoor environment that is only used for one simulator ride. Also, you should make sure that there aren’t multiple entrances that aren’t guarded. You should be able to identify anyone or anything that gets in and out of the simulation room to ensure maximum safety. Additionally, you should make sure that there is an air conditioner in the simulation environment so that there is healthy air circulation during the simulation.


Try To Dedicate More Space Than Needed


VR simulator rides have certain required spaces to be able to function safely. But the required space determined by the manufacturer usually determines the minimum amount, which means you can dedicate a larger space for the ride. And it is actually a smart move to do so since having additional space means that there is room for people to feel safer and avoid accidents in case of an emergency. Additionally, people tend to be more comfortable in larger rooms or environments, which increases the time that can be spent inside the simulation.


Don’t Underestimate the Power of Routine Cleanings


Although it doesn’t seem much, cleaning the simulation environment regularly may both increase the safety of your VR simulator, and extend its service life. Additionally, customers surely would want to experience breath-taking immersive experiences in clean environments. Cleaning the simulation environment regularly also helps determine a potential problem in the devices or environment much earlier.


Monitor Your Customers


It might sound absurd, but one of the most essential rules in making your VR simulator a safer environment is monitoring your customers. During a simulation ride, since the customers are mostly wearing a VR headset, they aren’t usually aware of their environments. Monitoring them during the experience and intervening fastly in case of danger greatly helps prevent accidents. For this reason, you should keep an eye on your customers during the rides, and make sure that both they and the simulation devices are safe.


Don’t Disrupt the Maintenance of The Simulator Devices


VR Simulation devices are highly complicated technological structures that consist of various materials and parts. Carrying out routine check-ups and maintenance both increase their service lives and make sure that they are safe to use. The ideal and suggested frequency of check-ups and maintenance for VR simulators is 6 months, but you can increase the frequency up to 3 months.


DOF Robotics uses specially developed technologies in its devices and simulation environments and makes sure that its customers get the safest devices possible. For further information about DOF Robotics, consultation, and our VR and AR products, you can click here, visit our office in Istanbul, or contact us at +90 212 801 0003.