The Attractions Industry Is Set for A Wild Experience - Flying Theatre

Jun 26, 2022

The Attractions Industry Is Set for A Wild Experience

With the development of Virtual Reality technologies, new theme park attractions with very creative and immersive experiences have started coming out. As one of these attractions, flying theatres have rapidly become one of the most preferred theme park attractions, and they are seen as one of the most profitable and revolutionary attractions today.

Because of the complex technology and techniques employed in the production of flying theatre environments, flying theatres provide a one-of-a-kind experience. In some respects, they are similar to other entertainment venues of the same type, but there are specific features that separate flying theatres from others and set them apart.


What Makes Flying Theatres So Special?

First and most importantly, flying theatres offer the opportunity of providing the same experience to several -even dozens of- people at the same time. This has various advantages, like saving money since several people can use the same environment at the same time, and making the attraction more appealing since people can actually share the experience.

In addition to this, flying theatres are also very special in terms of the technologies used. Special devices and environmental components such as immersive sound systems and seat sets with haptic feedback.

With flying theatres, people can experience very different shows. For example, you can experience a space odyssey, a roller coaster experience, or an intense rally race, in the same environment, without changing any devices or components. This flexibility makes flying theatres not only very appealing and impressive but also very cost-efficient for attraction environment owners.

Today, one of the most popular flying theatre experiences is flight simulations. With flying theatres, you are able to display flight simulations at high quality and provide a unique experience that is highly impressive. In addition to these flight simulations, you can also display landscapes or other types of simulations. The most critical thing about this flexibility is that your options aren’t only restricted by today’s ideas. Newer experiences can be developed for flying theatres in the future, and they might become even more impressive newer experiences.

In addition to these, flying theatres are also special in terms of the seats used. Flying theatres don’t have ordinary seats that don't have any other functions than allowing you to sit. Instead, special seating devices used in flying theatres are highly developed technological devices that are able to provide haptic feedback, special effects such as floating or the feeling of going at high speeds, and much more. With high-technology seats used in flying theatres, the experience is carried to an even further point.


Are Flying Theatres Suitable for Shopping Malls?

Flying theatres require a relatively large space due to some reasons, such as the requirement for the distance between the viewers and the screen to be at least around 15ft. In addition to this, high-tech devices such as seating systems, sound systems, and control panels are required for a flying theatre environment to function properly.

For these reasons, it is usually hard to have a flying theatre attraction inside a shopping mall. However, as long as the required space is provided, there are no other limitations for flying theatres to be installed inside shopping malls and other attraction centers.


What Makes a Flying Theatre Environment a Good Experience?

The quality of the devices used in a flying theatre environment is as important (or even more important) as the experience displayed. Flying theatres greatly depend on huge screens that take up almost half of the whole environment, and highly developed sound systems to make the experience realistic. For these reasons, it is very important to choose high-quality devices and work with reliable companies.

Flying theatres are relatively expensive attractions. Hence, you should consider choosing high-quality devices for your environment, both for being able to benefit from them for long years and save on maintenance expenses.

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